Children Inc.,

A bit about Children, Incorporated

It is an International program that has been available to our community, but not practiced to its fullest potential.  We have underprivileged children within our own community that can greatly benefit from this program.  I am currently seeking sponsors or recommendations for children who may have a need for Children, Inc

Do you have a child who needs to be Sponsored

We are currently seeking children that need to be a part of this program.  If you have, or know a child who would benefit from this and meet the criteria, please contact me.

You can participate as a Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can participate by sponsoring a child here at Fallsburg Elementary , you can be assured that the child you   sponsored will be assisted with food, clothing, healthcare and education. 

Contact Information

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, or children, or have a child who would benefit from Children, Inc.  Please contact me, Brenda Curry MON-FRI from 8:30AM– 4:00PM at the Family  Resource Youth Service Center (FRYSC) located at Fallsburg Elementary School.  My phone number is 606-686-3200 and my email is