How Can I Help My Child Before Kindergarten?
1. Read to your child daily.

2. Watch Sesame Street or any other educational programming during the week.

3. Read nursery rhymes and poems.
    Recite nursery rhymes and poems.

4a. Teach your child his/her address/ telephone number/ birthdate.

4b. Teach your child left and right. 

5. Play the following games:

Chutes and Ladders Trouble
Go Fish  Memory Matching games
Sorry! Uno
Cheery-o Sequence games

6. Draw squiggly lines horizontally and vertically.
    Ask your child to cut these lines out.

7. Ask your child to count to 100 while flexing his/her fingers in and out.

8. Recite the alphabet.
    Ask, "What letter comes after Dd?" "What letter comes before Ff?" Etc...