Kindergarten Weekly Reading/Math Outline
 First Nine Weeks
  • Name examples of compound words. 
  • Name examples of rhyming words.
  • Name examples of plural words.
  • Identify punctuation marks.
  • Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
  • Use the pointer finger to follow along while reading.
  • Identify the characters in a story.

1st Week
                              2nd Week                                 3rd Week
Recognize the color red     Recognize the color blue      Recognize the color green
Spell the color word red    Spell the color word blue      Spell the color word green
Recognize a circle             Recognize a square               Recognize a triangle
Draw a circle                     Draw a square                      Draw a triangle
Recognize the number 0   Recognize the number 1       Recognize the number 2
Spell the word zero          Spell the word one                Spell the word two
Write the the number 0      Write the number 1              Write the number 2
Letter "Ll"                        Letter "Oo"                         Letter "Gg"
                                        Word Family   -ot                Word Family -op

the     of     and     a     to     in     is     you     that     it
***************************************************************************************************************************  4th Week                               5th Week                                 6th Week
Recognize the color yellow  Recognize the color orange   Recognize the color purple
Spell the color word yellow  Spell the color word orange  Spell the color word purple

Recognize a rectangle          Recognize a diamond             Recognize a heart
Draw a rectangle                  Draw a diamond                    Draw a heart

Recognize the number
3      Recognize the number 4        Recognize the number 5
Spell the word three            Spell the word four               Spell the word five

Write the number 3               Write the number 4              Write the number 5
Letter "Hh"                          Letter "Tt"                          Letter "Pp"
Word Family  -ob                Word Family  -ag              Word Family  -ap

he     was     for    on     are     as     with     his     they     I
******************************************************************************************************************************************  7th Week                            8th Week                           9th Week
Recognize the color black   Recognize the color pink    Recognize the color white
Spell the color word black  Spell the color word pink    Spell the color word white

Recognize a star                  Recognize an oval              Recognize the cone shape
Draw a star                         Draw an oval                       Draw a cone

Recognize the number
 6     Recognize the number 7      Recognize the number 8
Spell the word six               Spell the word seven           Spell the word eight

Write the number 6             Write the number 7              Write the number 8
Letter "Aa"                        Letter "Nn"                        Letter "Mm"

  Word Family  -at              Word Family  -am             Word Family  -an

at     be     this     have    from    or    one    had     by     word
     Second Nine Weeks
  •  Recognize compound words when heard in text.
  •   Recognize words that rhyme when heard in text.
  •   Recognize words that are plural when heard in text.
  •   Find punctuation marks in texts.
  •   Place alphabet letters in alphabetical order.
  •   Name the letter that comes "before" or "after" a given.

10th Week                          11th Week                          12th Week
Recognize the color brown    Recognize the color tan     Recognize the color gray
Spell the color brown            Spell the color tan               Spell the color gray

Recognize the cube               Recognize the cylinder       Recognize the pyramid
Draw a cube                          Draw a cylinder                  Draw a pyramid

Recognize the number 9        Recognize the number 10   Recognize the number 11
Spell the word 9                    Spell the number 10            Write the number 11
Write the number 9               Write the number 10            Make sets of 0-11 objects  
                                              Make sets of 0-10 objects    Count sets of 0-11 objects
                                              Count sets of 0-10 objects
Letter"Ii"                              Letter "Ss"                         Letter "Ff"
Word Family -ab                  Word Family -ip                
Word Family -im

but        not        what        all        were        we        when        your        can        said


The students have learned the color words red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, pink, white, brown, tan, and gray.
The students have learned the number words zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

Please continue to practice these words until your child has mastered reading and spelling each.

13th Week                         14th Week                         15th Week
Recognize the sphere            Review all flat/solid shapes    Review all flat/solid shapes
Draw a sphere                      Review Fry Words  1-50       Review Fry Words 1-50

Recognize the number 12      Recognize the number 13      Recognize the number 14
Write the number 12             Write the number 13            Write the number 14

Make sets of 0-12                 Make sets of 0-13                Make sets of 0-14 objects
Count sets of 0-12                Count setsof 0-13                Count sets of 0-14 objects
Letter "Rr"                         Letter "Kk"                       Letter "Bb"
Word Family -in                 Word Family -it                 Word Family -ed

there        use        an        each        which        she        do            how        their        if


16th Week                 17th Week                   18th Week
Review all shapes            Review all shapes               Review all shapes   
 flat/solid                         flat/solid                          flat/solid

Review Fry Words            Review Fry Words               Review Fry Words 
1-60                              1-60                                  1-60
Recognize the number 15   Recognize the number 16     Recognize the number 17
Write the number 15         Write the number 16           Write the number 17

 Make sets of 0-15 objects  Make sets of 0-16 objects   Make sets of 0-17 objects
Count sets of 0-15 objects  Count sets of 0-16 objects   Count sets of 0-17  

 Letter "Uu"                       Letter "Zz"                              Letter "Cc"
Word Family -ell               Word Family -est                     Word Family -ug

 Fry Words:

will    up     other    about    out    many    then     them    these    so


Third Nine Weeks

Recognize a compound word in text

 *Recognize rhyming words in text.

 *Recognize plural words in text

Name the punctuation mark that is needed when given                   a sentence orally or written

19th Weeks                     20th Week                         21st Week
Tens/Ones                          Tens/Ones                          Tens/Ones
Additon/Subtraction            Addition/Subtraction           Addition Subtraction

Review Fry Words 1-70     Review Fry Words 1-70     Review Fry Words 1-70
Recognize the number 18     Recognize the number 19    Recognize the number 20

 Make sets of 0-18 objects   Make sets of 0-19 objects  Make sets of 0-20 objects
Count sets of 0-18 objects   Count sets of 0-19 objects  Count sets of 0-20 objects 

 Letter "Dd"                         Letter "Ee"                                 Letter "Yy"
Word Family -ick                  Word Family -uck                Word Family -ock

some      her      would      make      like        him        into        time        has        look


22nd Week                           23rd Week                            24th Week
Tens/Ones                              Tens/Ones                              Tens/Ones
Addition/Subtraction               Addition/Subtraction             Addition/Subtraction

Review Fry Words 1-80         Review Fry Words 1-80        Review Fry Words 1-80
Recognize the numbers 21-25 Recognize the numbers 26-30 Recognize numbers 31-35

Write the numbers 0-25           Write the numbers 0-30       Write the numbers 0-35
Makes sets of 0-25 objects      Make sets of 0-30 objects     Make sets of 0-35 objects
Count sets of 0-25 objcets       Count sets of 0-30 objects     Count sets of 0-35 objects

 Letter "Dd"                             Letter "Ww"                           Letter "Jj" 
Word Family -ack                     Word Family -ing                    Word Family -ill

two        more        write        go        see        number        no        way        could        people


25th Week                           26th Week                            27th Week
Tens/Ones                             Tens/Ones                              Tens/Ones
Additions/Subtraction            Additions/Subtraction            Addition/Subtraction

Review Fry Words 1-90       Review Fry Words 1-90          Review Fry Words 1-90
Recognize the numbers 0-40  Recognize the numbers 41-45  Recognize numbers 46-50

Write numbers 0-40              Write the numbers 0-45            Write numbers 0-50
Make sets of 0-40 objects     Make sets of 0-40 objects        Make sets of 0-50 objects
Count sets of 0-40 objects     Count sets of 0-45 objects        Count sets of 0-50 objects
 Letter "Xx"                           Letter "Ww"                               Letter "Q,q"
Word Family -um                   Word Family -ing                       Word Family -ump

my        than        first        water        been        call        who        am        its        now